The journey of The Arcane Order started in 2000. After signing a record deal with world renowned Metal Blade Records in 2005, the band released 2 critically acclaimed albums “The Machinery of Oblivion” in 2006 and “In the Wake of Collisions” in 2008, and with those albums helped pave the way for Danish metal outside of the borders of Denmark. A 3rd album “Cult of None” was released in 2015 via Massacre Records, after which a couple of line-up adjustments was made while writing the 4th yet-to-be titled album.

The band consists of very experienced musicians who can write bands like Soilwork, Hatesphere and Invocator on their resume. Musically the band draws inspiration from primarely Death- and Black Metal and adds an melodic, yet epic and dark atmosphere to the music.

With a new line-up and an upcoming 4th album, The Arcane Order is revitalized and ready to fight for the continous international succes the Danish scene has witnessed during the many last years.


(+45) 2871 0525



Vester Allé 15
8000 Aarhus C


Trine: (+45) 2871 0525